Well, it's August already, and time to run down another list of great shows for your listening pleasure. Once again the Bottom Line does what it does best, which is to bring you the A-list of singer / songwriters. and this month features both the revered old guard and the cream of the contemporary crop.

On August 5th, perennial favorite ERIC ANDERSEN returns to his Greenwich Village origins, and brings with him his classic songbook, and some new compositions that prove that his talent remains undiminished. Also appearing is JESS KLEIN, a young performer from Boston who made a big impression on us during her last appearance at the club.

On August 10th, we offer another pairing of the old and the new. RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOT's recent shows at the club have brought him before a newer, younger audience who are rediscovering the pleasures of the Folk Boom of the 60's. I've actually heard people at the box office telling their friends "Yeah, he played with Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan!!" If we're lucky, he'll spin a few good yarns about both those cats. Along with Jack, you'll also see MARY GAUTHIER, a big talent from the "Big Easy" (that's New Orleans, in case ya didn't know)

On August 11th, IN THEIR OWN WORDS returns with Robbie Fulks, Steve Poltz, Don Dixon and Marti Jones. I won't waste space here raving about this lineup. See the separate ITOW feature.

August 22nd, 23rd and 24th, the incredibly popular and talented DAR WILLIAMS comes in for an event SOOO BIG we had to spread it over three nights. Dar has been selling out larger venues all across the country, so this return to an intimate club setting is really something special. She has been touring with a crackerjack backup band, so get ready for Dar to (do I dare say it?) rock out!

Moving on to August 25th, two of the contemporary folk scene"s best and drollest performers, JOHN GORKA and CHERYL WHEELER will make you laugh, make you cry and make you want to run right home and download their entire life's work from Napster while you still can.

So if you dig singers and songwriters, this is certainly the month to do serious damage to your grocery budget. But just in case you want a dose of something a little different, on August 7th, check out BLUE FLOYD, a jammin' outfit that does blues interpretations of the songs of...you guessed it ..Pink Floyd. A group with a shifting lineup of southern rock luminaries, this current incarnation features Duane Betts (son of Dicky), Berry Oakley Jr, (son of..you know), Alex Orbison (son of..this is getting silly), Mark Ford, (formerly Black Crowes) and Jonny Neel (formerly Allman Bros.). This band turns in consistently cool shows, so treat yourself to a new experience...you won't regret it.

That's a pretty full month.. Remember, you can now reserve tickets for most of these shows (sorry, not Dar Williams) on our website, so check out the details on our homepage. See ya at the club.