The Bottom Line has always had a reputation for unique New Years Eve presentations, and this year is no exception. British singer-songwrier and folk-provacateur BILLY BRAGG joins the list of recent attractions like Moxy Fruvous and Michelle Shocked to bring you a New Years show that you won't soon forget.

Billy Bragg has gained recognition recently for his collaboration with American roots band Wilco. Their album "Mermaid Avenue" features previously unpublished lyrics by folk troubador Woody Guthrie set to original music composed by Bragg and members of the band. The album and subsequent live shows were met with great enthusiasm by audiences and critics alike. Billy Bragg has been acknowledged as a true inheritor of the folk- activist tradition so closely linked to Woody Guthrie, and his "dust bowl ballads"

Billy Bragg, like Guthrie before him is also known as a terrific entertainer. He weaves his songs together with an ongoing stream of stories and observations that holds his audiences spellbound and often has them on the verge of tears...from laughing so hard. On New Years Eve, Billy will be performing songs spanning his entire career, including the Mermaid Avenue material. He will also be taking requests from the audience, so you'll get a chance to hear your personal favorites. All in all it promises to be a rollicking good time.

By the way, if you can't make it on New Years Eve, Billy will be delivering two shows the night before, on Saturday, Dec. 30th. So don't miss the chance to see one of the great shows of the year 2000, and the first great show of 2001.