The songs of Chris Rael feature lyrics that draw from a life of observation. From the Eastern suburbs to grit and dirt urban New York and finally to a world view garnered from frequent travels to India, Asia and Europe.

The music of Chris Rael rewards the listener with exquisitely crafted short stories couched in musical arrangements that offer powerfully unusual vocal arrangements, based both on the most refined pop sensibilities as well as classical Indian singing. Beautiful harmonies, and driving Western and Eastern rhythms compliment traditional western rock and roll instrumentation enhanced by Violin, Viola, and Cello as well as Sitar, of which Chris Rael's use of as a rock instrument is unparallelled.

Church of Betty, Chris Rael's main vehicle, presents a band at the top of it's game. With Deep Singh on Tabla, Joe Quigley on Bass and Jon Feinberg on drums. See Chris Rael and Church of Betty live and watch them harness their passion and musical acumen to perform an amazing stage show in which the audience is drawn into a lyrical and rhythmic soundscape that heightens the experience of sensuality, joy and pleasure while maintaining a rigorous inquiry into the absurdity of being alive. With 4 beautiful dancers, choreographed by Sharihan.

Two Shows 7:30 &10:30pm Wednesday September 20th 2000.

Visit for your listening and viewing pleasure.