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FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JUNE 21 & 22, 2003
Doors Open 6 pm for 7:30 Show
Tickets: $25

Using songs, letters, and stories from their own history of growing up Southern, KATE CAMPBELL, LAURA CANTRELL, DON DIXON, DAVID MASSENGILL, JAMES McMURTRY, and VANEESE THOMAS share their personal experience on race, religion, romance, politics, the weather, war and peace, neighbors, food, money and mobility (upward and downward). More focused than your typical songwriter circle but less theatrical than say, A Streetcar Named Desire, GROWING UP SOUTHERN offers a chance to glimpse into the attics and the bedrooms, the schools and churches, the back kitchens and formal parlors of the South - past, present and future. GROWING UP SOUTHERN qualifies and quantifies the range of experiences a person encounters when they are born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line.

The show was conceived after The Bottom Line's Allan Pepper listened to David Massengill's album My Home Must Be a Special Place, and an idea was born. With the help of Don Dixon acting as dramaturge, musical director, and fellow Southerner, a group of performers were brought together to share their stories.

KATE CAMPBELL grew up the daughter of a Baptist preacher from Sledge, Mississippi, and spent her formative years during the civil rights movement of the 1960's.

LAURA CANTRELL left her native Nashville for New York 15 years ago to become more involved in country music, which seems like a strange move at first, but she found a receptive audience in the Big Apple. DON DIXON, a native of North Carolina, is best known among the key producers and performers to emerge from the American underground's jangle-pop movement of the early 1980s.

DAVID MASSENGILL, whose stories and songs were the genesis for this show, grew up on the Tennessee side of Bristol, which lies on the border of Virginia and Tennessee, and is most frequently accompanied by the Appalachian dulcimer.

JAMES McMURTRY, born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in Virginia, comes from a literary family; his father, novelist and screenwriter Larry McMurtry, gave James his first guitar at age seven.

VANEESE THOMAS was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to a musical family; her father is R&B legend Rufus Thomas, her sister is singer Carla Thomas and her brother is keyboardist and arranger Marvell Thomas.

For further information, please contact Jessica Herman at The Bottom Line at 212.228.6300.