THE BEAT GOES ON proudly presents The Jagger & Richards Songbook. This is the fourteenth installment of its ongoing musical hit series dedicated to showcasing a variety of pop cultural themes such as The British Invasion, Rockin' in the '70's, Hullabaloo, The Brill Building, Ready Steady Go, Nuggets I & II, Summer In the City, and The Rat Pack.

In the late Sixties, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were best known to the public as the driving force of the Rolling Stones - Britain's bad boys of rock 'n' roll. Dubbed the "Glimmer Twins," the duo wrote many classic songs and melodies that were influenced by American blues and R&B heroes. Their singles became international hits that provided the soundtrack to a generation of teens across the globe. But as a result of their newfound celebrity lifestyle, many of these songs became overshadowed by the headline-making reputation of the songwriters.

As the evening's curator, THE BEAT GOES ON will pay tribute to some of those hits, forgotten songs and ballads from the early years. In celebration of the Stones 40th Anniversarsy, the show will feature a collective of notable New York area singers including James Chance, Peter Zaremba, Steve Wynn, Don Fleming, Bucktooth Johnson, Ed Rogers and Amanda Thorpe, Christine Ohlman, The Mike Hunt Band, Willie Nile, Carlton Smith, Ricky Byrd, Joe Hurley, Tish and Snooky, Kris Woolsey, The Kennedys and some very special surprise guests.

Each artist will offer their own renditions of such early Stones songs as "Time Is On My Side," "Heart of Stone," "The Last Time," "Sitting On a Fence," "Mother's Little Helper" and many more.

Backing them will be an all-star band featuring Andy Burton (Peter Noone), Rich Pagano (Fab Faux), Brad Albetta (Freedy Johnston, Willie Nile), Ivan Julian (Voidoids, Matthew Sweet) and James Mastro (Health and Happiness, Ian Hunter) with Tom Scott (LA Express) and James Chance (Contortions) on horns.