Saturday & Sunday June 23 & 24
Trained in classical Indian percussion, award - winning Trilok Gurtu's performances are anything but traditional, exploring jazz, funk and Latin beats along with Indian rhythms. Trilok makes Eastern music accessible to Western audiences by bringing the exotic sounds of the sitar and the tabla to the mainstream. His latest album. The Beat of Love, spans the musical continuum from Bhangra electronica to juju soul, Afro - Asian funk to raga-pop.

Wednesday June 27

In a rare U.S. appearance, English rock band Porcupine Tree has a rabid fan base clammoring for their trextured melodies and avant - garde stage presence. Rather than pigeonholing their sound as Pink Floyd meets Elliot Smith meets Radiohead, check out Porcupine Tree live and see why they are not just another disciple of the Thom Yorke school of experimental British melancholia.